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G751 Keyboard Backlighting Timeout

Level 7
Howdy all! I've had my G751JT for a while now and am loving it. One thing that I haven't been able to find an answer to yet is how to disable the timeout on the keyboard backlighting. My searches return all kinds of info for the same thing for older modes like the G750, but most of those have to do with reverting to a specific version of the ATK drivers, but that version is really old and that doesn't seem like the right answer. Is there some way to force the keyboard backlighting to stay on without activity?


Level 7
Still can't figure out how to get the lights from not turning off -_-' any easier ways?

As outlined in the solution above you need to edit the registry setting. However, change the setting to 0 (decimal) and it will be on permanently.

Any way to get the G771 backlight to come on at the windows lock/login screen on boot. It seems to only come on as soon as you press the power button for a second then goes black until you log into windows. Would be nice if it just stayed on after you press the power but.