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Level 7
Hello everyone! This is my first post!
Tho I have been stalking all of you trough the forums and posts!
A lot of thanx to HMscott and nitrox and everyone, oh God I hope I spelled that right, CBA to go check in new tab now it's late!

Anyway let's move on to the thing you are here for!
Yesterday - 22.01.2015 new drivers for nvidia just came out late at night.
A lot of stuff like 3d something, multi render something ... all that tehnical mumbo-jumbo 🙂

Anyway I'm using a G751 with i7 4860HQ , that is UNDERVOLTED to -75mV on both cache and offset of procesor!
( thank you to the posts about undervolting with XTU guys ! ! ! )

And I have run my daily Firestrike benchmark.

I am ussualy around 8500, but with this new drivers I'm going to 8600 and just now 8640+ , WICH IS GREAT!
But my temps on the benchmark are now around 81 degrees! And before that it was around 77-78 MAX!

Also in games with everything maxed out like farcry 4 I have temps around 87 degrees NOW and before it was 83-84 MAX !
( that is with -75 mv undervolt ).
League of legends is like never above 70 degrees...

So temps went up around +3°C, but preformance also went up just a little.

I have been using the Notebook fan control ( with the profile for g751 that was uploaded THANK you very much mister ❤️ ! ), till today when it went APES#!T during a game,
seems that vents went down to minimum at one point but went back after few secs, that made temps go to 93 DEGREES!
( we are talking about procesor ofc ! )

So I decided to uninstall it and delete it ( it was great for a while, temps never went over 85 during regular gaming - like planetside2, warthunder etc .)
But it went mad for a second and that made me worrie, so off it goes, now its around 87 degrees again on everything maxed ( 76 degrees on GPU ).

Also since we are not using the integrated procesor graphics, could it be disabled so we can undervolt eaven more?
I have a feeling it's just making heat for nothing but we are still giving it the required amount of volts....

NEW DRIVERS - MORE HEAT - LITTLE MORE PREFORMANCE! ( let's wait for DirectX 12 that will give a lot of preformance and less power consumption as they say! )

Sorry for my medicore english, peace from CROATIA!
A worried asus owner.

Boxis wrote:
@insiZion1 - Yes, normally I use fps_max 200 in CS and the CPU is hovering at 75-79°C after that, or using nvidia inspector to set lower framerate like in far cry or assasins creed,and setting lower AA afterwards or details. But still, this shouldn't be done in this laptop at all in my opinion, this is more like workaround for 400€ laptops.

@JasenDoe - I have basic coolermaster pad but it doesn't seem to help that much 😄

@NitroX - Yes, I will RMA it next week most likely, because I am away now, hopefully they will take it when I show them screenshots like these or so.
Should be easier for them If i compare them to these guys for example:

Guy has 74°C in Far Cry, when I am throttling at 94-95°C already, second one doesn't even hit 70°C in AC4 when I am hitting 90°C (having 85°C most of the times), and third guy got insane temps in every game. So ye, I hope they would be able to help me somehow with this issue.

How are those temperatures possible? Are they playing in a freezer?
Or they live in sweden and play outside with gloves?

How can he go ultra in far cry 4 with 75 degrees?
And AC4 on 74? How is that possible?

I have seen the gameplay, yes it's only around 10 minutes long, after like 1-2 hours they would get to 80, but still that is a big difference.

Notice they have i7 4710HQ, I have 4860HQ, but 10-15 degrees between us is stupid !