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G751-JT need tips to improve performance

Level 7
So, as much as I loathe to admit it, my baby here is getting old.
The Intel I7 is fine, and I have 16 gigs of ram still so not old in general usability.

But gaming wise... Let's just say that Assassins creed Origins and Kingdome come: deliverance proved that a GTX970M 3G VRAM isn't going to cut it sooner rather than later.

I've never been the kind of guy that goes crazy if I don't get ultra and 60 fps, but bouncing from 50-30 fps on medium is starting to worry me.

I know that this model has space for an SSD but I really don't know anything about SSD's, much less if it does something for in-game performance? Is it possible to upgrade the GPU in this thing? My local "computer guy" says no, but to be honest, he is kind of sketchy and broke my cell phone when I sent it in for a repair, so I don't trust him.

Is this model subject to reliable overclocking? I know that the advertising in the ASUS site says yes but I take that with a pinch of salt.

Normally, I wouldn't mind upgrading to a newer model wit at least a 1060 but I'm studying college atm, and minimum wage here in Mexico will yield enough earnings to buy a new laptop in a few years and that is a no-go from me XD