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G751-JT Need Battery

Level 7
So my battery is fried. It is at 0% and will not charge. After I restart or turn on the computer it will shut off about 3-10 times then not randomly shut off "sleep mode" I checked the settings so that's not the problem. I am having trouble locating the g751jt battery. I have called asus and they don't carry them and I was actually quoted 650 bucks to replace the battery. I can change the battery my self but locating the battery is the main issue I am having. I do not want to buy from some random website that looks sketchy... let alone all of them only have email communication no 800 number to call or anything.

So again please help me locate a battery for my g751-jt rog laptop. I have only found it on two sketch websites.

PLease include link and thank you.

Level 12

Links are in my post there, followed with guides for disassembly.