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G751 JT internal Blue ray player not functional to play Blue ray discs...DVRs play OK

Level 7
I need to replace the blue ray player. Any advice plz...9.5 mm player.

Level 13
What software are you using to try and play them? The choices are VERY limited as Sony has the licensing locked down tighter than a skittish goats butt! Cyberlink power DVD is one of the very few.

Chances are if it plays anything its not the device, its the software and lack of the proper codecs.

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Level 13
I agree with JustinThyme its software u can get cyberlink power dvd for 30days free give it a try
Some BluRay DVDs Like the latest Batman VS Superman has a software update to play newer BluRay DVD codecs and will update the BluRay Player software before the movie will be playable .
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Level 7
Yep. That was the problem...2015 Nero blue-ray player not playing discs any more.