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G751 Imbalanced Sound Problem (internal speakers only), FIX IS OUT!

Level 7

download the latest Version V6.0.1.7427

No new UI as promised. lol

Edit by cl-Albert: Hope it's okay to edit your post Jlieu, but anybody that wants to read more about the original problem and gory history of this issue may want to check this post below which is currently closed while we check out this new *.7432 G751 audio driver version at this post. Thanks.

G751 Imbalanced Sound Problem OFFICIAL SUPPORT THREAD
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headspawn wrote:
Is there any chance this gets fixed?

It has made using my laptop speakers to listen to anything a completely nauseating experience.

I'm stuck either using headphones or hearing that loud honking/vibrating overtone drowning out everything I'm listening to.

Please see all comments in this post. And try few version of sound.

Level 13
There are a lot of issues ATM after installing build 1703. Some drivers are lagging behind. Personally I've always found laptop speakers nauseating. I bought a Bose soundlink III specifically for that purpose. I use it for playing music from my phone when glamping too but mostly for laptop use.
What more annoying with 1703 if you open task manager and see WMI has 10-15% of your CPU resources hogged. Happens on every reboot without fail on every machine. Only way I know to stop it is to restart the WMI service.

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Level 7
I keep getting weird speaker vibrations on only the left side of my laptop. Is this what people are referring to as the sound imbalance? It is really annoying. I have tried downloading all of the drivers for my g751jt from the Asus website but it doesn't seem to fix my problem entirely. If i raise the volume significantly I can still hear the vibrations/buzzing noises. It is a lot better than before but it's not entirely fixed. Anyone else have a similar problem/fix?