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G751 hitching hitching hitching hitching hitching hitching

Level 8
Picked up a G751JY-DH73 on February 24th.
- Hitching/Stuttering (plugged in) in both online and offline games, every game, steam and non-steam games, SSD and Non-SSD game install locations.
Tested: unmodded Skyrim, Champions Online, Aion, Star Citizen, Borderlands 2

Exchanged for another G751JY-DH73 on March 4th.
- Hitching/Stuttering (plugged in) in both online and offline games.
Tested: unmodded Skyrim, Aion, Star Citizen, Borderlands 2, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Hawken.

Gaming hangs on the same frame and then resumes but doesn't display the expected flow and animations. Drops 1 fps and a heavy chug occurs but then goes up two fames, and then back down one fps.
(75, 75, 75, 75, 74 (feels like 10fps), 76, 75, 75, 75, 75, 75)

Nope! Once this laptop runs unmodded Skyrim at 1024x768 stable with no hitching, I'll try overclocking.

Searched ROG forums, Searched Asus forums, Searched NVidia forums, Tested various GPU drivers, Spoke with Asus livechat, Spoke with NVidia livechat, exchanged laptops at vendor (Canada Computers), exact same problem persists.
Last time I exchanged the laptop. Since Asus and NVidia can't identify cause or provide solution, this time I'm just returning this laptop .. again. G74SX 560M 3GB (3 years old) DOMINATES over the G751 980M 4GB. Confused? Me too. It should not take over 100 hours of config/testing/googling/Q&A/techsupport/livechats/etc. (per laptop) to end horrific performance and to get it to function as intended.

- Uninstalled McAfee. Tested.
- Set my firewall correctly. Tested.
- Disabled firewall. Tested.
- Ran windows updates until I was blue in the face.
- Updated every relative intel component updates.
- Updated wifi/ethernet updates. (not connected to wifi)
- Ran Asus updater. No updates found.
- Disabled pagefile. Tested.
- Enabled pagefile (sysmanaged). Tested.
- Set pagefile to 1024-4096. Tested.
- Installed NVidia's latest. Tested.
- Installed NVidia's older drivers. Tested.
- Uninstalled ROG Game First. Tested.
- Disabled GeForce BatteryBoost. Tested.
- Uninstalled GeForce Experience. Tested.
- Set High Performance power settings properly. Tested.
- Turned off indexer. Tested.
- Manually updated realtek drivers. Tested.
- Swapped game install directories across D, E, and F drives. Tested.
- Installed GPU-Z. Tested. (Max GPU load never exceeded 44%)
- Ran 3DMark Skydiver. Did not see any hitching or other problems.*
- Ran 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme. Did not see any hitching or other problems.*
- Uninstalled Nvidia 3D
- Uninstalled Nvidia Miracast
- Uninstalled Asus Webstorage
- Uninstalled OneDrive (disabled all settings)
- Uninstalled Apple (everything)
- Uninstalled Asus LiveUpdate
- Uninstalled Asus Virtual Camera
- Uninstalled Cyberlink Media Story
- Uninstalled Intel Driver Update utility
- Uninstalled Intel Processor Diagnostic tool
- Uninstalled 3DMark
- Set pagefile (1024-8192 Drive E)

Current condition:
Problem- Still persists.

Northforge wrote:
Thank you everyone for your help. In the end I returned it to the store....
Special thanks to hmscott for patience and assistance.

Sorry it didn't work out Northforge, I hope your next laptop does the trick 🙂

It looks like you got into a bad batch of G751JY's, since so many others are running ok.

As I suggested before, return this one and wait a while before trying again.

There aren't many choices like the G751JY out there...

Good luck!

Level 7
Northforge, This doesn't match up to what you're looking for exactly, but it's a BEAST of a laptop!!
And from what I can see, it's user upgradeable 🙂