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G751 help, black screen after powering on

Level 7
When I turned on my laptop It didn't do anything, there was a black screen and the keyboard was red as usual. I left it like this for like an hour and nothing happened. I had to turn it off on the power button

Status Under Review
Is it new from the box? If so.. Swap for a new one. Sounds like a lemon.

Otherwise provide more information.

Darnassus wrote:
Is it new from the box? If so.. Swap for a new one. Sounds like a lemon.

Otherwise provide more information.

Ive been using it for like 3 weeks

Level 7
Mine started doing the same thing yesterday. It has happened a couple of times now and is usually fixed by a couple of reboots (holding power button down). I have no idea what's behind this. There have been no added hardware or software on mine for a couple of weeks now. I might reinstall it and see if that helps but if not I'll be contacting Asus for warranty options. Mine is also around the 3 week mark in age.

The only thing I can say for sure is it doesn't happen if I power it off properly from Windows. I'm fairly certain it's not a hardware issue but seems to have to do with hibernation. A driver not waking up properly perhaps? I've not tried disabling it yet but there's an idea for you op.

Level 7
Same problem here. got mine for a week now, and the problem started.
Few reboots are needed to solve this problem though

Level 7
Same here seems like the g750 series is unreliable.Im gonna go to the shop where i bought and demand my money back.Im thinking either i want a new laptop and compensation, punitive damages and all that.Or my money back plus punitive damages, there's to many threads on the net about problems with asus laptops i dont really trust asus anymore.

I'm sure it is not windows problem. I have had 8 pieces from this laptop.Two of them has been the same problem.Only way to fix it change the motherboard.The other 6pieces never had this kind of problem.They had other:))That is Asus fault.

Level 12
Guys, there are several Black Screen modes created by Microsoft Updates since August, Sept, Nov, Dec. It is sad to see all of this going on, and there are several causes / solutions.

The best you can do is to back up all of your stuff and do an F9 OS reset and hope Microsoft doesn't shoot itself in the foot again 🙂

This isn't Asus fault, and Asus aren't set up to do Windows debugging for users, so it is best to work it out yourselves by doing an F9 OS reset before calling Asus to see if that restores normal operation - as that is what Asus will ask you to do before approving RMA.

If you get an ok boot occasionally and can get in to the OS to debug, then here is a long list of debugging / solution URL's

Please try the F9 reset, or the debugging / fix solutions - try to pick one that times with your failure - Nov/Dec ones are more likely by now.

If the F9 OS reset works, then be sure and turn off Windows Updates for right now, and do Updates manually, being careful to note which ones you have done if the problem comes back - as you will want to make that update Hidden so it doesn't install again - the list of solution/fix sites will list KB updates known to cause the problem so don't install those.

And, please come back and let us know how it works out 🙂

Level 7
Are you sure its because of the windows updates ? I have a desktop pc and 2 laptops but only my asus bricked.

CocoNutty wrote:
Are you sure its because of the windows updates ? I have a desktop pc and 2 laptops but only my asus bricked.

CocoNutty, there are lots of reports from non-Asus users affected. There might be a sequence of events/updates that contribute that doesn't affect everyone. There have been postings from ROG laptop owners about this since August, and they fixed the problem like the rest of those non-ROG afflicted PC owners.

I haven't had the problem, because I don't auto install Microsoft Updates - I do it manually allowing only those I know haven't been causing problems - it is time consuming, but the only way to be sure.

There are situations where a hardware failure can be the cause of similar symptoms, that is why it is so frustrating, but fortunately most/all have been solved by removing the most recent KB's installed, or doing an F9 OS reset.

It would be more frustrating to return a perfectly good laptop just because of a bad Windows Update.

Try the most recent Google solutions for Microsoft updates causing Black Screen, and see if you can get out of the situation that way first.

Be sure to have the network disabled when doing the restore so that the bad updates don't reinstall, turn off Microsoft Automatic Updates and do them manually yourself after checking for problems with each update, at least until this recent series of bad updates from Microsoft stops.