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G751 - Anyone experiencing automatic Windows key-press issue?

Level 7
Like the title says, I have a G751JL-DS71 and from time to time it automatically presses the windows key on its own. I have the program called StartIsBack, I'm sure it's the Windows key is that it presses since the Windows menu shows up (not the metro styled one).

I've experienced this while in another program (Google Chrome, games) and of course it's like you accidentally pressed the windows m
enu where it either takes you out of the game or just set you off while browsing the internet
or even when I just left the notebook on its own, since the Windows menu is just open for no reason when I come back -

I'm very sure I'm not just accidentally pressing it cause it still happens even if my hands are not on the keyboard and just browsing Google Chrome using my mouse.

I didn't experience this on my desktop computer having the same program and also running on Windows 8.1, anyone dealing with the same problem?