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G750JZ - New owner review

Level 7
Hey guys,

I´m a new proud owner of Asus G750JZ. I purchased a version with 16GB RAM and only 1 HDD so i purchased an SSD ( Samsung EVO 840 500GB ). And i have to say that i´m so satisfied.

The laptop was delivered without an OS so i installed a fresh copy of Win 8.1. I have to say that i have no problems with the screen. The colors are good enought and the matte screen is damn good. The only software which i installed is:

  • Nvidia Geforce Experience 340.43
  • All drivers from the official page of G750JZ ( I didn´t install any utilities like Splendid, Asus Live Update, Power4Gear, USB Charger plus and i didn´t update the BIOS )

Working with Photoshop

I use the laptop mainly for work with Photoshop etc. I have to say that i´m really and i mean REALLY satisfied with the colors, i love them. I don´t know why so many people complain about the screen. However i have a problem with a scratch disk, sometime i can´t work because PS shows me an error with description: "The Scratch disk is full ... ". My HDD is empty, so i don´t understand it. This is the only problem which i have when working in photoshop.

Audio system

The speakers are amazing. I was really suprised when i heard my favourite music. When i playied a music first time the subwoofer was little bit broken, it switched off and on... However when i restarted the computer everything was allright.

Graphic Card and Games

The graphic card is great. I didn´t play so much so i can´t say if the games are good enought but i tested the laptop with a benchmarks and the temperature wasn´t higher than 80 degrees ( Is it good or not? I don´t know so i would be glad for the answer )


About Optimus... I was little bit scared when i readed a few articles about it. But it´s not such a terrible as i thought. I had to change some options in the setting to start almost all my apps on GTX 880M and then everything was working fine. Sometime i had a problem with a appllication running on Intel GPU, but when i clicked on the icon with right mouse button and press "Start with GTX 880M", it was running fine and without problems.

Speed with SSD Samsung EVO 840

My system and Apps are working on my 500GB SSD Samsung EVO 840. The speed is excellent and i can´t complain about it. The second HDD ( 1TB ) i use for storage data. When i switch on the laptop it takes about 4-6 seconds to have it fully functional. Also i purchased the laptop with ONLY 1 HDD inside and i thought that i will have to purchase HDD Caddy. I didn´t, the HDD caddy was included inside the laptop without any HDD/SSD.

The keyboard

Another very great thing is the keyboard. It´s really comfortable and i have a really great feel when i´m typing on it. Also it takes me about 15-30 minutes to get used to it. The backlight is great enought i have no complain about it and it doesn´t matter if it´s white or green/blue/red. I´m really satisfied with the white backlight. The only problem for me are the arrows. It´s a first time when i have a keyboard like this and the arrows are little bit more down than other keys so it´s little bit messy for me sometime. But it´s not a problem when u get used to it.


The feel of the touchpad is great ( everything is great for me i know but i´m really satisfied with the G750JZ ). The physical buttons are good and also feature called Asus Smart Gesture is interesting. The only problem is that i can´t swithc off/on the touchpad manually with the keyboard shortcut. It doesn´t work. However i solved this problem with an option in the Asus Smart Gesture. When a mouse is connected the touchpad is switched off.

I think that should be all. I´m sorry for a bad english and hopes that you have learned something usefull. I´m not disappointed, the laptop is amazing. However i had to read some articles here on a forum about the programs which should i install and which not. The articles helped me much so thank you guys for the discussions about this great laptop. The content of the articles was really useful for me. If you have some questions, just ask me.