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G750JZ need help please

Level 7
Hey Guys i really need help nothing i do works, i have done 2 Clean windows 10 installs and the problem still persits.
I have tried several Gpu Tweak versions, none gives me Fan Control it just isn't there, i have googled and i can't find nothing.
Please if anyone knows how to solve this so tell me because i really need this solved, Nvidia coudn´t help me, Asus Support hasn´t found a solution yet i will mail them again and attach 2 screens of Gpu TweakII Also one really wierd thing in latest Gpu TweakII is that the built in GPU-Z chooses the Intel HD 4600 GFX, and it shows the GTX 880M but no fan speed option present at all, this goes for all GPU Tweak's even the Gpu Tweak 2.6.9, it doesn't show fan speed option either.
what i have done is:
try different Nvidia Driver versions no effect
i have tried install older Chipset drivers no effect
I have tried installing older HD 4600 drivers no effect
i have gone through Bios for fan options there are none
I have tried all Gpu Twekas, i have installed in compability modes no effect
Also i want to mention that Before i did the Clean install Gpu Tweak V1.0.5 worked correctly, after Clean isntall none have worked and i have tried few versions of MSI afterburner that software don't give me fan Control either.
so what is the problem and how can i sole it?
If i can´t solve this i won´t be able to game on this laptop and it is a gaming laptop it is just so strange
here are the two screens of Gpu Tweak II


as you can see no fan speed option


Here you can see that the built in GPU-Z shows the HD 4600 as the chosen card and i can't change it

well like i said i need serious help now please tell me this can be resolved

best whishes

Level 12
What you are looking for is called ASUS GPU Tweak for Laptops. I have found version 1.0.9 as listed in this forum posting:

ASUS GPU Tweak for Laptops 1.0.10 is the lastest
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You will need to install ASUS GPU Tweak for Laptops and or ASUS GPU Tweak for Graphic Cards from your ASUS Driver DVD or eSupport Folder ASUS Installation Wizard. This procedure installs support configuration files that allow the Tweak programs to operate.

I know where there is a copy of the ASUS Driver DVD for G750JM (has ASUS GPU Tweak for Laptops). I have not seen a copy of the ASUS Driver DVD for G750JZ or ASUS Driver DVDs for any other laptop model that has the ASUS GPU Tweak for Laptops or ASUS GPU Tweak for Graphic Cards.

My research also indicates that these programs don't like to run in Windows 10. They must be used in Windows 8 compatibility mode.
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The G750JZ was a beast in its' time. It came installed with Windows 8.0. ASUS wasn't providing Driver DVDs or an eSupport Folder with this model but what was being used was the Restore Partition on the hard drive. To restore your laptop to original configuration you had to use the Windows F9 option and use the restore partition. ASUS was providing the Backtracker Program to help.

Your original forum post on this subject (Asus G750JZ Gpu Tweak V1.05 and Win10? on 5 May 2019) stated that you bought your laptop as a refurbished unit. I'm assuming the laptop had already been updated to Windows 10 and all original hard drive partitions had been wiped. Windows 10 does overwrite Windows 8 & 8.1 restoral partitions.

I found another forum post that might help:

Within this post is a response from Super Moderator cl-Albert. He provided a link to the ASUS site that sells recovery media through a third party:

Looks like you get a $49 USB that must contain an iso file having all the original ASUS programing as well as the Windows OS. In your case it should be Windows 8.0. All the original programming should be functional. Now you can upgrade to Windows 10 and the original programming should work.

Let me know if that is of any use.
G752VSK, G75VW-3D, G51J, G1S
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Level 11
You don't need any of that.
What you need is notebook fan control with g750jz profile which I have.
With that you can manually control your CPU and GPU fan respectively. (the profile) (the program)
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