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G750JZ GPU Fan Poor Response To High Temps Unless RPM Manually Increased

Level 7

My G750JZ Laptop is almost two years old now and is serving me very well. However, I have a GPU fan issue.

The CPU fan responds to increasing temperatures by increasing its speed. However, the GPU fan goes at most to mid-speed even when the GPU temperature is above 86 C. I have to manually set fans to full speed via the included ASUS Overclocking application, and only then does the GPU fan run at full speed. This leads to controlled GPU temps at the cost of loud fan noise. However this is not practical as with this setting turned on, any small instance of GPU usage will lead to fans running at full speed.

Is there any way to get the fan responding proactively to increases in temperature? I have to manually set fans to full speed whenever I am using AutoCAD or PhotoShop intensively, or playing GTA 5 or Far Cry 4. It's not ideal since the fans are quite noisy at full speed (25500 RPM). It has been like this since as far as I can remember.

Help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.