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G750JZ DC power jack damaged?

Level 7
Hi guys!

I have a G750JZ since 2014 and for some reason I cant discover why my laptop doesn't charge when plugged in, the led of battery charging - power cord connected (orange/green led) doesn't turn on when I plug the power cord/laptop charger. I encounter for the first time this problem back in November 2015 when the power cord didn't want to charge the battery, I solved that problem moving the cord to a certain position and using the cords Velcro belt to tie it, the power was restore and laptop was charging again. That solution last a month til end of December when I was playing online with the charger connected, it suddenly stop receiving power (the charger was plugged in when it stopped working) it was in my desk I didn't touched or moved the cord of the charger it just stooped sending electricity, the led that was green at that moment turned off, all of these happened in secs with the charger plugged in. Now I used a multi-meter to measure the power of the charger before I did this I thought the problem was the charger because I solved this the first time just moving the cord but the multi-meter shows 19,55 volts coming from the silver ring and 18.22 volts in the needle. Because of these I disassembled my laptop to check the DC power jack (for me the only reason left for the laptop not charging) but when I checked the DC in board of my G750JZ everything looks fine I thought I would need to re-solder it or to replace it but its well soldered so I dont know whats going on, do any of you have any idea of what is happening because I dont know how to check the power jack with the multi-meter I already searched in google and youtube none of those jacks looks like my jack in the JZ. I need help because where I live ASUS ROG has no technical support and the PC repair shops dont even know what is a ROG Laptop.
Thank you all in advance.

Status Under Review
You need a new charger, or if you're quite handy with electronics, especially cabling, you could re-terminate the end, though I of course recommend just getting a replacement. ;x

Level 7
I have face it the same problem with exactly same JZ DCIN jack, all looks god but not charging.