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G750JZ - Boot Failure

Level 7
Hey all..

So I have an issue with my new G750JZ laptop..
A few weeks ago I ran into this problem but thought it was just doing an update but now I believe this is a REAL ISSUE and havent seen any other posts on this (maybe I am just not searching correctly).

The model I have came with the 500 gig ssd and 750 hd.
During boot up from a shut down, the laptop FAILS to reboot.. I get the harddrive light and Wifi light flashing back and forth. I am suspecting something has gone bad with the SSD. It DOES reboot ONCE in a blue moon and I had it running for a few days and I came home yesterday, my FIRST day I have had time to sit down and talk to Tech support and as I sat down at the laptop it flashed up a notice that it was about to reboot in 5 seconds for an update and then well.. You get the idea.. It hasnt restarted since.. I completely turn it off and tried to reboot, nothing, took out battery, powered down for a day, same thing.. I have some tech experience so I have some ideas on what to do, but this has me stumped..

Is this an issue with these models? Or just something with mine?



Run dxdiag.exe and write down your system model and BIOS...……..For the next time
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jdfrench3 wrote:

Run dxdiag.exe and write down your system model and BIOS...……..For the next time

Thanks for that!

After getting my machine up and running, the first thing I did was run HWiNFO64, and found out that yes, my machine is a G750JZA, and uses a BIOS that is *not* the one that ASUS recommends using from my Product Registration page. I had to find it on my own. Well done again, ASUS. 😉

Level 8
Yeah.. much to my dismay.. I have "betrayed Asus".. after many years defending their products.

I was looking at three performance powerhouses to buy for my "work" laptop (VMs, DBs, etc).. Dell, Lenovo and Asus ROG, when my G750JZ had a full M.2 Failure.. and after looking for replacement drives (that nobody seems to have.. including Asus).. and a terrible Asus support, I opted for the Dell(Alienware) one with NBD Premium Support.

Lets hope they wake up before they have to do like IBM and get rid of their laptop division to focus on other areas.