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G750JX Win10 WLAN-LAN connection

Level 7
Up to now I was just reading some interesting posts regarding my G750JX here. But now I have a strange problem with my home network.

One week ago I updated from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 which went without any problems. I also had no problems with MaxxAudio like posted by some other members. The system runs stable at all.

When I yesterday first tried to connect via putty / SSH to my raspberry pi I got no connection. Also no ping from notebook to raspi or raspi to notebook is possible. Pinging my router or other WLAN devices from the notebook makes no problem. Furthermore other WLAN devices can ping the raspi and my Notebook too. So my conclusion is that there must be something wrong with the WLAN on G750. It seems that the problem is caused by the fact that the notebook is connected via WLAN and the raspberry via LAN.

I already updated the broadcom 802.11a network driver to version in the windows device manager and restarted my notebook without any change.

1) Dell Notebook with windows 10 and Intel wlan device can ping raspi - the problem isn't linked with windows 10.
2) I googled that case and it seems that a lot of people have special problems with broadcom wlan devices.
3) No problem if I try to connect from G750 to raspi via LAN cable.
4) router: AVM FritzBox 7390 with Firmware V 6.30

Has anybody similar problems or can help to solve this issue?

Level 7
After TH2 update this problem still exists.