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G750JX powers off randomly during boot

Level 7
Hi guys,

I have a JX I bought six months ago. Starting last month, it started powering off randomly, just after the ROG splash screen. I read the old thread on the JH somewhere on the forum, but the suggestions from that thread i.e resetting BIOS settings to defaults, disabling fast boot..haven't worked reliably enough. Disabling fast boot did solve the problem, but yesterday it happened again.

It happens for a day or two, then works fine for two or three weeks. After the abrupt power off, if I turn it back on, it runs fine, but the boot time is a few seconds longer (almost as long as boot up during a restart). I know for fact that you can't enter the BIOS on a cold boot. But for some reason I'm able to access the BIOS during the second power up.

Thanks for your help 🙂