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G750JX GPU driver update

Level 7
Hello all,
I bought a G750JX in January with Win8 (64bit) and GeForce GTX770M. It works well, but I'd like to update driver for GPU. Now I have the latest release published in Asus site. In past I tried to update the driver according to nVidia site release, but I had problem about a long time to switch on, so i moved back to the V9.18.13.1193 release (August 2013). I've seen in internet that other people experienced same problems, so I get in contact with Asus support. they answered me to use the official release in Asus site, but they considered my email. My questions:

- independently by Asus way to proceed (at the end I don't know if they'll be update or not GPU driver), does someone knows if latest nVidia release 337.88 works correctly with Win8, or do I risk to have same previous problems? Can I update it ?

- is it recommended to update Win from 8 to 8.1 (current functionality is ok for me), or not? will 8.1 produce some problems, or will help the system to manage latest nVidia GPU driver update?

I bought this NB only to play games, expecially in 3D, so this is main purpose (2nd use is for internet, but no other specific applications).

Thank You a lot and have a great day.

Level 7
I have JX also. I have updated all drivers including GPU one to the latest. In case of GPU I used the latest NVIDIA one. No problems. GPU is overclocked and no problems. I have WIN 8.1 also. So update all to the latest versions. Dont worry 😉

Level 7
go ahead. its safe 🙂

Level 7
Hello all, Thank You for Your feedback. I'll proceed according to Your comment. Have a nice day.