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G750JX FPS drop, no clues

Level 7

I have a G750JX since several months. No problem to signal (unless it's always a bit noisy while macbooks are silent on idle).

But, since yesterday, I have a huuuuuuuuge FPS drop.
I first thought that it was a Bitcoin Mining virus, because I use a lot of hacked softwares: So i've done plenty of analysis.
My laptop is now as clean as a baby, but there's still this huge FPS drop.

I checked the temps: CPU 60° at 3.3ghz and GPU is 40/45° on idle.
I also thought that the GPU was constantly on idle, but it's not!
Check the screenshot I took after closing ARMA 3:

And my temps on idle:

On Crysis, ARMA 3, I have 15fps instead of 25/30.
It's very noticable!

I also tried to update the GPU driver: same problem.
The BIOS is also up to date.

I have no clue to this ._.

Level 9
Running on AC or battery (obvious question, but has to be asked). Have you "restarted" the computer? (shutting off doesn't finish installing drivers). What software did you use to check for the bitcoin miner? (you have the symptoms)

Level 7
I founded!

The "power management" setting was restored to default.
So when I was using the laptop on AC and on max settings, the CPU sometimes decided to go down to 800mhz...
That explain the low fps :D.
I noticed it when I realised that the fps were going up and down after 5mn of playing instead of just closing the game rght after watching the fps 😛

So I locked the CPU to 3.3ghz.. done!