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Level 7
Hello everyone.
I just bought the G750JX-cv038h and i have these issues:

-HEADSET NOISE. When i plugged in a pair of headphones I heard this constant noise - hissing both when music was playing or when not. I tried another pair and the noise was still there. So i call the retailer and he told me I had to turn off the microphone which I did but still the same noise. So when i brought the laptop to their shop we plugged in 2 different 'professional' headsets and we couln't hear any noise. When we played some music though, specially when loud, there was some noise.
The retailer told me only if you had the most extremely professional sound card, the hissing would be eliminated completely.
Also that some cheap headphones increase this problem.
Is this normal - true!?!?

-HUMPS ON TOUCHPAD. Well there are two quite small humps on my touchpad. It's working ad everything but I was just wondering if it's normal. The retailer obviously said sometimes toucpads have this.

-CLOSING THE LID. I realised that when I close the lid, on the left it's as if there wasn't any magnet to hold it like on the right side. So just trying to raising it with minimum force it goes up while on the right side it seems to be hold still.

Any others with these problems or 'problems' if you may? and what do you think I should do?

Thank you

Level 7
Hi arkos!
I have the same problem with the headset noise.I have a g750jx too. I've noticed it while i was using my in-ear headphones. It's normal I think, because this sound could be produced by the jack input. Know I'm "researching" about how to connect a 5.1 headphones with the S/PDIF output (yes, the g750's have optical output). With the optical connection i think this problem could be solved. You can see this post ( in which i tried to find how to connect the s/pdif output with tritton (which has a optical input). I'm not sure about it, but could be a good solution for our problem!!

Level 7
That url is broken 😞
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Link works for me?
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Level 7
Thank you for the replies.

@skypi. Let me know about your 5.1 headphones. But I'm wondering why should I get fancy headphones in order to eliminate the sound noise. I never had I problem like this with other laptops. So asus just gives away 2000euros laptops with these disturbing things?! Can anyone tell me WHat is the reason for the noise. Is it common?! Shouldn't my retailer fix it?

@Intel Dude. As it was said, the url doesn't work, can you please repost?

Level 9
The noise is due to bad drivers and lack of settings for what is otherwise a wonderful piece of hardware (the headphone amp). From what i can tell the drawback is if you use "normal" headphones it will sound like ****, Its tuned for headphones like sennheiser 650 ( around 300 ohm and cost about 300 euro). I got rid of maybe half of my noise/hiss by installing latest drivers AND maxx audio. Follow the advice in this thread:
Some hiss is still there due to ****ty drivers but imo its usable with maxx audio. Its absolutely terrible that several year old xonar u3 sounds worlds better than this new "awesome amp". Its like 20 euro now, no hiss and comparable clarity of the actual music.

Asus is the best at audio hardware on the pc front but theyve always been terrible at driver support. Realistically it might take a year or two for them to fix the hiss entirely. The ASUS guys answering questions in this forum can barely speak english....