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G750jx Black screen on start up

Level 7
Hi, i been having some problems with my g750 random black screens on startup.Now its totally dead stays black no matter what i try.Been doing some research and dident find anything helpful.Does anybody have clue what the cause could be and how to fix it.
My laptop is less then a year old.
The thing that ****s me up is.I have a 6 year old hp laptop that still runs smooth and never had any problems with it besides the fan getting clogged by dust, is this a asus problem only ?

So im wondering if other people know if i am entitled to a compensation for the loss of time, the telephone bills from calling the customer service the loss of data and the overall feeling of buying something that doesent work as advertised.

Im thinking of going back to the shop where i bought it and demand a newer version of the same laptop for the damages and overall dissapointing reliability.I hope i want have to make my self angry in the shop cause im pissed the **** off that a laptop that cost me more then 1800 euro is less reliable then my 6 year old hp.

(not to mention the higher risk of cancer i have now from smoking all these cigs out of frustration ; )