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G750JW Will not turn on, no lights, Nothing.

Level 7
My G750 I've had for a little over a year decided to not want to turn on a few days ago. I moved my computer from my bed to my Desk while it was on. As soon as I lean over to grab the Power cord to plug it in: Poof the screen goes black. The LEDs all turn off. No Lights on the keyboard or the ROG Symbol. The computer had about 3/4ths of it's charge still. I've hit the power button, removed battery pack. Left it alone for a day. There is no warranty on this right now so I don't want to send it in for repairs until I have tried everything that could be done for it. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you all. In Advance
P.S. First time even looking at this forum so please correct me on any formatting issues.