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G750JW Subwoofer stops working when plugging 2nd HDD

Level 7
Hello All,

I'm using my G750JW for 3 years now and this week I just added a 2nd HDD (actually an SSD) and noticied that with this my Subwoofer stopped working! Note that the 2nd Hard Drive is mounted in the right bay which is next to the woofer's speaker.

I then tried multiple combinations which are below :

- Without the SSD mounted (right bay empty) = Woofer works again
- With SSD mounted without the protection pannel (the big black one that recovers both HDD bay and RAM bay ) = Woofer not working
- With SSD mounted without screws = Woofer works an hour or so then not working
- With SSD mounted without metallic protection and without screws = Woofer works but I did not test for how long since I don't want risk harming my SSD.

As u have seen, it definitely shows a hardware malfunction but is it wires problem or I suspect magnetic interference maybe?

Have u ever experienced or heard something like this? What can u advise me?

thank you

Level 7
Hi again,

No one has ever heard or experienced such problem with subwoofer?

I have been using now my 2 nd drive (SSD) without the screws for 3 days and the woofer now works (even thought it stopped working the first day after an hour but seemed to rework the day after) but I'm wondering is it safe to keep my SSD mounted like this without the screws? What do you think?