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G750JW Output issue on Samsung TV, only duplicate working?

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Hello friends,

Today I tried connecting my G750JW on a Samsung TV 26' via HDMI cable. But before exposing my problem i would like to precise that i'm used to connecting my previous laptops (HP's with ATI GPU) to my TV with the same cable i'm using now without issue.

So my problem is that when I try to set the TV as the only projector (using fn+F8) i ve got the black screen on TV. The only option i got working is setting the fn+F8 on DUPLICATE to have both Laptop screen and TV screen working : which is bad since i would like to use only the TV to play games and Watch movies.

I would like to add that when on DUPLICATE mode i can select the right resolution using the laptop screen until i find the ones that work with my TV (since i can see them) but when i switch to single projector (my TV) since the screen is black i cannot choose which resolution to set (and I think on projector mode the default res is 1920x 1080p which is not supported by my tv)

From the DUPLICATE mode i learnt that my TV only supports 1080i résolutions and not 1080p (i don' know what s the difference?)

Can u help please?

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Since your tv really does not support 1080p resolution. 1080i ain't the same.
I guess your problem is that your laptop tries to run 1920x1080 to your tv screen. I recommend lowering your laptop resolution to 720p before shifting to the tv screen. That is 1280x720

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Thanks elmy79 for ur reply. Unluckily it does not work, i already tried putting the 1024x768 res on the laptop before switching to projector mode on TV but nothing still black screen...
It seems that each projector mode has a preset resolution, and to change it u need to be in that mode to do so. I don't know if i'm clear?

I Wonder if it is possible to set resolution on TV BEFORE switching to projector? is there a .inf file somewhere where it got stored all preset résolutions for each projector option?

Hmm. That is strange. Btw that resolution you tried is 4:3 format res. You should try 720p instead(16:9) like I suggested. But I'm guessing it does not work anyway. Can't you change manually first. Plug in the tv. Set it to expand desktop in the setup. Change resolution on the second display until you get a picture.
Just wondering why you can't run duplicate mode if your not using the laptop screen anyway?
Change the power option for what happens when you close the lid/screen to "nothing"
Duplicate screen and close it 🙂

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In fact DUPLICATE mode IS working. That s what i said above. The only mode not working is Projector on TV.

For info i'm not using the duplicate mode because while gaming the GPU will be twice stressed with both the image on TV and on the Laptop and so the FPS will be killed.

Hitchy wrote:

For info i'm not using the duplicate mode because while gaming the GPU will be twice stressed with both the image on TV and on the Laptop and so the FPS will be killed.

Sorry, i laughed a little. No no no no no, that is NOT how it works. Your GPU will not render the same frame twice (for 2 screens), that would be hilarious. It just splits the signal both to the laptop screen and the output port that you are using (HDMI i assume) - This is a simplified version of what actually happens but the principle is the same.

@tzutzu95: HDMI audio is driven through the Intel Graphics Driver, not the NVidia one.
You can find the settings here

And the driver is listed here

You should download and install the stock intel hd graphics drivers from intel here:

@theclaw37: Thanks for the advice, I didn't know that the hdmi is driven by the intel graphics....anyway, I tried to instal the driver from the intel site but I reciece an error that the driver is not ok for my pc model and i've installed the version from asus drivers but in the Device manager section didn't apear the intel display audio:( the driver version from asus is 10.10.... and the latest version from intel is 15.33.... Any advice with that?

tzutzu95 wrote:
Any advice with that?

Yep: First uninstall AND delete your old Intel Drivers (you could just simply uninstall from control panel), and then download the ones from You can not apply the drivers over the Asus ones unfortunately. Also, as a tip, after you do this, go to Windows Update, check for updates, and then untick the Intel HD Drivers from the "Optional" page ( i think ). This way you'll make sure you're never going to accidentally re-download the Asus ones, because that's what Windows Update will do if that is ticked, and you'll lose the better driver you just installed.

After doing this, you should be able to update the intel driver though immediately whenever a new driver hits the site.

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I just shut my lid, obviously you'll need a keyboard but hey. It works. Don't forget to change the "close lid" options so it doesn't sleep, hibernate or shut down, if you choose to try it.

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So no way to manually change the resolution while in black screen?