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G750JW Output issue on Samsung TV, only duplicate working?

Level 7
Hello friends,

Today I tried connecting my G750JW on a Samsung TV 26' via HDMI cable. But before exposing my problem i would like to precise that i'm used to connecting my previous laptops (HP's with ATI GPU) to my TV with the same cable i'm using now without issue.

So my problem is that when I try to set the TV as the only projector (using fn+F8) i ve got the black screen on TV. The only option i got working is setting the fn+F8 on DUPLICATE to have both Laptop screen and TV screen working : which is bad since i would like to use only the TV to play games and Watch movies.

I would like to add that when on DUPLICATE mode i can select the right resolution using the laptop screen until i find the ones that work with my TV (since i can see them) but when i switch to single projector (my TV) since the screen is black i cannot choose which resolution to set (and I think on projector mode the default res is 1920x 1080p which is not supported by my tv)

From the DUPLICATE mode i learnt that my TV only supports 1080i résolutions and not 1080p (i don' know what s the difference?)

Can u help please?

Level 7

I just bought an G750JS with nVidia gtx 870m but when I connect the HDMI cable the sound still came from the laptop, I searched a little and find this forum post and search in control panel for nvidia setings but in that menu this is the only seting i see . And also when i plugged the hdmi cable it didn't apear the TV on the Sound section. What can I do? 39837