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G750JW - Latency spikes, lagg issues while gaming on any game online.

Level 7
Hello All,

I just purchased the G70jw which has the 802.11ac Broadcomm wireless built in. I installed a few games lke BF3, Crysis 3 etc...
and I notice while running the games online there is a latency skip which makes my character skip forward or back, side to side depending on what direction i choose.

I tested about 15 different games out and still the same results. Keep in mind I have Verizon fios 60/25 and it shows the speeds when using

I went to my buddies house and played a few games on his connection and the PC worked like a charm (he has comcast). very smooth and precise when gaming. He also has multiple devices hooked up to his PC and they do not bog the latency.

I called Verizon and they told me basically I'm screwed until 2015 when they release the routers that support 802.11AC. They also told me that my fios router/modem is wireless N and that my computer will only run at the highest device that is connected. I explained to him that I did not have that problem at my buddies who has a lesser grade internet.

I did a Tracert when plugged into wired and wireless to test to see whats going on. Please look below...

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms Wireless_Broadband_Router.home []
2 12 ms 9 ms 8 ms [173.71.183
3 14 ms 12 ms 12 ms [130.81.2
4 37 ms 56 ms 34 ms [130.81.
5 24 ms 22 ms 39 ms 0.xe-4-1-0.BR3.IAD8.ALTER.NET []
6 114 ms 118 ms 113 ms [66.198.15
7 106 ms 102 ms 101 ms [
8 94 ms 94 ms 96 ms [216.6.87.
9 95 ms 93 ms 96 ms [64.86.79.
10 54 ms * 698 ms
11 44 ms 43 ms 44 ms [208.100
12 59 ms * 50 ms []

Trace complete.

Is is Like this for all games and sometimes it will jump to 600 ms. Please help I don't know what to do!!!

Level 7
I'm having the exact same problem with Battlefield 3, and I'm in college where my internet speeds are higher than they've ever been. This is a serious problem, can someone please help?

Level 7
I have the same problem with Cs:Go And its horrible to try to play. Im sitting on 100/100 fiber.

Trying out new Version V6.30.223.99 drivers from asus and hope it helps.

Level 7
Hey everyone,

Updating the Broadcom to V6.30.223.99 seems to have solved the lag issue for me. The problem was very apparent in BF3 and now its fine.

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