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G750JW is unable to boot soon after shutdown.

Level 7
Full model name under the notebook (usually next to the serial number):G750JW-BB17N05

Bios version: UEFI?

CPU: i74700HQ

Memory amount in GB: 1000GB/1TB HDD, 8GB RAM

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX765M

SSD/HDDs/Optical drives: No SSD, Default HDD, Default optical drive

AC Adapter: Default ASUS AC adapter

Operating system: Original ASUS factory image or clean install? Microsoft Activated yes/no? Upgraded to windows 8.1 from factory default windows 8.

Drivers Installed (include version and especially any non-ASUS approved notebook drivers): Default, except for the most recent stable NVIDIA graphics driver.

Any third Party temp/voltage software installed: None besides Power4Gear which came with the laptop (if that counts)

System Overclocked (provide details)? No

Any hardware upgraded? No

Issue (In addition to the problem description please let us know if the problems started recently and if you remember changing anything around the same time, etc.)

After turning the laptop off, whether that be from restarting, shutdown, or a hard shutdown, the laptop will fail to start when powered on within around about 30 minutes of being powered off. This problem sounded similar to other problems where the computer would receive power, yet the screen would not turn on. Like those, I will hear the fans start to spin, keyboard will be backlit, the num lock light will be on and both the network and activity lights will flash repeatedly.

I know this is not a GPU issue as I not only have connected a VGA cable, and can also utilize the GPU fully when the computer does start. I have tried removing the battery and holding the power button, connecting the charger, which also does not work. I also know it does not boot to BIOS, I have tried pressing f2 and the proceeding keys to reset the BIOS which hasn't worked. I have also started to BIOS and modified various boot settings, none of which have changed anything.

I have not tested individual pieces of ram in search of a corrupted one, but I don't think the computer would be able to boot at all if there was, though when I get time I definetly can. I also do not know when this started, after a period of 30 minutes it works properly and is able to start with no problems, and since I usually leave it off overnight I never noticed until recently. I have owned this computer for about 2 years, but I bought it from a best buy so I don't know when it was bought from ASUS.

Though the computer can restart when given time, this is still a problem to me. Many programs will require a restart to install or use most notably the installation of operating systems. I will not be able to upgrade to windows 10 until this is resolved. I can provide video if needed.

I would appreciate some insight into this problem, thank you.