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G750JW Black Screen

Level 7
I stumbled into a little bit of a problem here. Let me just explain how it happened. I had some problems with the hinge on my laptop (opening lid caused front/back lid to open from hinge area). Opened it up and saw what was holding the screws in totally broke off. I then said whatever aslong as the laptop works.. So I turned on my laptop and everything sounds and looks normal on the keyboard but the screen totally remained black. I've unplugged whatever the lcd was connected to and replugged them and still got a black screen. I could though connect it to a vga and watch what is on my screen. I've tried to reset bios but that only broke my boot. When I start my laptop I got the "your laptop needs to be repaired " garbage.. after a couple of days of digging I found some solution which only cause me to reinstall windows 8.1 BUT the screen is still blank. I don't know how I could have damaged it as it was working fine before I messed around with the lid... I don't know what else I could do. I really would appreciate your help fixing this black screen!

Level 7

I've tested both the rams and hdd's and they both seem to be working well. I removed the ac+battery &hdd. Plugged ac/battery and reset bios, then plugged the hdd back and restarted my laptop. Still got a black screen but my extended monitor still shows it functions. Same for the rams. I rotated the rams around and placed one at a time while booting each time and the laptop boots just fine. Still doesn't fix the black screen... I'm trying to narrow down my solutions but I'm running out of ideas.

I just tried to flash the latest bios (210) and screen still didn't light up. What I did notice while browsing on my laptop using vga was that I could not adjust my screen brightness. My keyboard brightness dims properly so I don't know if that means anything or what?

Customer Service Agent
Please take your product to our local service center for comprehensive inspection and help you to fix the problem. Sorry for the trouble.
The following is the contact information:
Also you can contact the local service center for help. The following is the contact information:
If it is customer induced damages, it might be have cost of repair.