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G750JW Battery doesn't fully charge, dies at 40% battery

Level 7
Hi, everyone. I've had my ROG laptop for about 3 years now. Two days ago it suddenly dies without warning (no low battery warning). I thought nothing of it at first, but then when I plugged in the charger I saw that the battery meter says there's still around 25% left.

Then it does the same again, and again. Except with each time, it gets worse. It dies at 33%, then 38%, then 44%. Then, I noticed that if I'm using it while plugged to an outlet, the battery never charged to a maximum 100%. It's stopped charging at 87%.

Nothing weird happens if I use the laptop while plugged to an outlet. The issue only happens when using it on battery power. And it only started happening 2 days ago. The day before that, it's still running normally. I goes down to 10% and gave me the battery low warning and all that. Is my battery busted? Or is it some other issue?

I'm really nervous I've done something wrong with the laptop. I usually full-charge it. But the past few days I've been travelling so I was never able to charge it full. 60-80% at the max. Then I have to unplug it to get going.

Level 7
Hello d_a_renoir
In your case, it might be the battery itself that has reached the end of its life cycle or malfunctioned in some way
I would recommend sending it for RMA to check your unit or borrow/change a battery of the same model and test it out from your local dealer
Thank you