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G750JS -System Idle Process, CPU on 99% almost all the time now... What is going on?

Level 7
It seems I am getting a problem after another, this is my 3rd G laptop and it's a very frustrating experience so far....

I never had this problem with my older laptop G750JX. I am running windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

Is anyone having the same problem or I am the only one?! How do you fix it?? I tried task manager and end the process but it doesn't allow me 😕

Please help!

hmscott wrote:
us18x, each model GPU has different characteristics, and the memory used limits speed. There haven't been a lot of reports yet on OC'ing the 870 so I don't have a good feel what the typical limits are.

The general rule on an unknown new chip is to start slow, and watch the temperatures - start with the GPU first, at say a 10% OC - then increase by a reasonable increment until you start to get rendering errors - sparklies or row tearing or color weirdness - then back down half of the last increment and test again - etc. Then run a number of benchmarks and stress tests - constantly watching the temperature - and see if anything weird happens - like display driver stopped... once you are comfortable with the GPU OC, then start on the memory OC.

Same thing with the memory OC. Start at 10%, find a good increment for increase, and test the same. You can keep the stable GPU OC while finding the crush depth for the memory speed - watch for graphics anomalies - and when you get them the first time back down 1/2 increment and test again.

When you are sure you have stable numbers, create a new thread to post them!

Have fun! 🙂

What are your settings for tweaking, I noticed your memory bus clock is super high!

us18x wrote:
What are your settings for tweaking, I noticed your memory bus clock is super high!

Level 9

I have got rid of the problem by cleaning boot your computer.