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G750JS switch thermal paste & maintenance?

Level 7
Hello. I have bought an Asus Rog G750JS 1years 10months ago, so i still probably have 2 months warranty but as i want to keep my machine running for maybe 2-3 years more smoothly, i would prefer being able to switch thermal paste and do maintenance myself without having to ship it overseas 2 or 3 times. I have looked into these two:

But are they enough? What should i do? I want effective products for this (thermal paste, etc.), info from someone who knows from experience. I have looked in this thread aswell:

I also made >a topic about my laptop< last year but didn't have the time to do it then and still not sure about things. User Darnassus provided some pictures, i wonder if these are the places you need to put thermal paste in or are they for other purposes?
Darnassus wrote:,fVQ4cVT This is my JX ;3 Here I believe is how it's applied when manufactured.