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G750js SERIOUS screen tearing

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My screen has unbelievable screen tearing. At LEAST every 2-4 minutes my entire screen turns into nothing but tearing. It makes using the laptop 100% impossible, and just making this post and registering took over an hour and was painful. I attached a video and I'll detail what I've done.

First, I checked the hardware just in case. AS far as the computer seems to know, everything seems to be 100%. HDD and monitor ribbons are all seated correctly, nothing looks out of order. I've updated to all the newest drivers per a lot of threads I read on here and I tought it may be connected to the auto-contrast feature and have followed every guide to remove this and have failed.

It seems to be getting worse and can now happen every few seconds. Rebooting, reinstalling has no effect so now I believe it may be hardware related but I'm hoping I don't have to send it in. Any fixes for something like this?

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Well of course nothing software related will help, it's a hardware issue. You've got what I like to call. 'The ribbon-wear of DEAT*FIZZLE* AAAAH' (with a couple of cartoon sounds involved of course)

AAAANYhow. What you're seeing right there is the ribbon's not sittin' right. You checked the hardware? Exactly how? Did you open up the laptop case itself and check the internals of how the cable's sitting?

Here's the surprise. It's NOT the seat! It's ACTUALLY usually the cable itself. There's an internal fray or damage, or even quite possibly, the terminals on the screen ITSELF inside the lid is not connected properly, and let me tell you, it's a REAL mess getting to that part of the laptop, believe me, I've been there.

The reason why it's getting worse is because the heat generated in the wire is SHIFTING the cables / components around eeeeeeeever so slightly, changing the contact and thus, eventually going FIZZLE! Rainbow everywhere.

You've got three options.

1: RMA the machine.

2: Buy a whole new screen panel with included ribbon and fit it in yourself.

3: Live with it and achieve the inner Zen Master to journey the quest of finding the 'Sweet spot tilt'.

There's the VEEEERY odd chance that it's actually the terminal on the motherboard, however, your slight screen tilt confirms in my suspicion that it's the ribbon itself.

....... a side note, it's not even a ribbon, it's literally a long 6 inch black cable. ;d

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Here I was in the middle of typing up a reply and Darnassus comes in and brings a much more informative and well thought out post. I just have a a few things to add.

If you are still within the return period for the place you got the laptop from, I would try an exchange rather than an RMA. This is the first time I have seen this issue and the odds that it will happen to two different computers are slim.

If you are outside of your return window and REALLY don't want to RMA, you could try option 2. It is not very difficult to disassemble it to the point where you can take the monitor assembly off but I don't know how hard it is to get the screen out. Hopefully it is just screws under the rubber feet but I would guess not. Please note that this likely will void your warranty.

I don't know about you but trying to live with it and finding that "sweet spot" would end up in me punching a hole in the screen.

P.S. A bit of a terminology. Screen tearing occurs when the refresh rate of a screen and the frames outputted by a GPU don't match up and you get horizontal lines dividing different frames on screen. This is actually a common problem. What you are experiencing is artifacts which normally don't happen at all unless there is a hardware failure (faulty GPU, bad wiring, or bad overclock)

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She's a real job to do!


Unless you've got a good handful of free time and a beer, I wouldn't even bother! ;d

Return / Swap within the return period (usually 1 - 2 weeks) or RMA the unit. Forgive my sugar high, I've just noticed your join date was on January this year, looks like the laptop was a yummy Christmas Present.

Hope all goes well on your end, SFU2236, hit back if any difficulties arise, we're ALL here to lend a hand! ;3

Level 7
Actually I just bought it a few days ago, it's been doing this since day 1. RMA it is!

SFU2236 wrote:
Actually I just bought it a few days ago, it's been doing this since day 1. RMA it is!

Hi SFU2236, welcome to the ROG Forum.
If you only had your laptop a few days, then the best thing to do is return it for exchange.
Most retailers will have a 14 day return/exchange policy, and some will have a 30 day return/exchange policy (Newegg for one).
So exchange your NB my friend before the return/exchange policy expires.
You will only need to RMA for exchange if your purchase was made online, if your purchase was made locally, then take to the retailer asap for exchange.

Hope this helps you my friend?
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