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G750JS questions about performance, etc.

Level 7

I have a couple of questions regarding my G750JS laptop.

I bought the laptop in august 2014th fyi.

The computer has been working good since I bought it, but a couple of weeks ago it's been very laggy and has dropped alot of FPS while playing games such as world of warcraft and CS:GO.

Yesterday I put it back to factory standards, and I've only installed nvidia drivers and steam.

And I just can't believe that I'm jumping from 98 fps to max 150 fps.
With the computer speccs, I thought I wouldn't have ANY lags what so ever playing cs:go, but for some reason I do.

I've tried to go to my nvidia control panel and put my nvidia graphic processor as main, but I don't feel it helps at all. Also tweaking nvidia settings for best performance, putting the charger to maximum performance, but I'm still lagging in CS:GO, which shouldn't be a problem for this computer, and I even have all settings put to low.

Sorry for long post and bad Enlgish, but I really hope someone could come with an input that could help me playing games with no lags again.

Sincerly, Martin