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G750JM poor build quality

Level 7
Hello all,

I just signed up to express my utter disappointment with recent Asus G750JM series of laptops. I went through three of them in under a month and I can now safely confirm I'm extremely unsatisfied with their poor build quality and lack of quality control on Asus' part. I have encountered a number of various obvious or hidden flaws that keep popping up once you scratch under the surface of this otherwise properly specced machine and every unit I regrettably owned had at least one serious or more of the less serious cosmetic and/or usability defects.

The first one came with pre-scratched screen out of the box. It also produced various creaky sounds coming from the hinges, but I haven't bothered to investigate further 'cause I was already fed up with the scratches. And, by the way, speaking of hinges - on all three units right hinge plastic cover wasn't snugly fit to the underlying hinge - check yours up if you want, I'm not sure if it means something in the long run... Anyway, I took this laptop to the store and was granted a new one later on.

This second one was better built, creaks-wise and so... BUT... Just when I was about to keep it, I realized the DVD drive was faulty, poorly calibrated or something, and you can clearly hear friction-like noise emanating out of the drive because of the DVD disc rubbing against something inside when spinning. I recorded the noise, sent to local Asus representative and was once again granted another unit.

Finally, the last one, which I still have in my possession, is a sort of a compilation of the worst of previous units plus more. Unfortunately, I'm out of my seven days return period (Asus' policy here in Croatia) and I'm stuck with this, no help or anything.

Here we go:

Battery already has 6-7% wear level, but I consider this to be acceptable although it was completely charged maybe three times altogether (it started up at 3% wear level out of the box and then gradually but inconsistently rose up - hopefully it won't rise any more).

The top of the laptop (display and its casing) doesn't sit exactly the way it's supposed to on the keyboard - it is skewed a tiny few milimeters to the left, just enough to be visible and detectable to the touch. Furthermore, hinges on this unit, although still functional, are the weakest of the three tested units and this particular unit generally feels somewhat fragile and cheap - unacceptable for the laptop of this calibre, if you ask me.

Further on, left touchpad button somehow manages to slightly rub against the touchpad itself when being pressed. Well, congratulations, Asus! You nailed it! Literally.

HDD and memory door/cover on the back of the laptop isn't sitting flush with the rest of the housing. Why is that, you ask? Because it has, again - out-of-the-darn-box - one of its plastic clips/hooks broken. That's why the one and only screw holding it is basically screwed up - it was fixed so tightly (probably in order to compensate for the broken clip) that it took me north of ten minutes to loosen it up!

Well, I then finally started installing my new SSD drive... And... Another unwelcome surprise: while handling and rotating the laptop, one of the three screws holding the drive bay just fell off, immediately. Wait, what?! The fact is - it wasn't even slightly turned and fixed at all because the corresponding screw slot is too wide, missing some part or something! Moreover, this screw fell into some hole in the housing and I guess I won't be seeing it very soon... However, in the end I managed to tighten the SSD drive up using the remaining two screws and I hope it'll stay in its place, which, of course, can't be said for the aforementioned screw roaming freely inside...

And there you have it.

I just can't believe they consciously "overlooked" all this and sent such unit (or complete batch, if you want) to the market. Honestly, I almost find it to be deliberately fraudulent behaviour, what else? Can you really put the back cover on and not see it is already damaged? The packaging was intact, so... They did it in the factory, but didn't care.

Luckily, I am yet to discover overheating features of this JM model and possible dead pixels that some of users reported in this forum, but that being said, I'd still take the risk and gladly exchange this laptop as-is for the new one, that is - if I only could. Too bad nobody would really listen to me - authorized service centre can only replace housing and disassemble pretty much everything and I don't find the idea of messing up that hard with the new machine particularly attractive. Local Asus representative, on the other hand, understands my problems and apologises and cares and all... And that's it, they likely won't do anything. But, hey, guess what - they offered me a mouse and a t-shirt! Well, thank you, but after all this I don't feel like walking with the ironic "In search of incredible" on my chest. Maybe I could tie the back cover up with it, though.

I've owned a Transformer netbook in the past and at the moment still have and use MemoPad and Nexus 7 tablets, all Asus' electronics. They are all good products, but because of this awful G750 experience, I promise they'll be the last products of this brand to cross my door. I feel Asus cheated me with this expensive piece of sh... equipment, but I've learned my lesson and won't come close to Asus no more.

Thank you, Asus, and good luck.

Others are welcome to chime in if they have similar experiences (and I hope they don't).

thesting wrote:
Mine came with screen scratched too. But it's barely visible... I'm more pissed about the bad screen quality.
And my HDD makes a loud single clicking noises every now and then.. but I guess that's still considered normal?

Clicking mean faliure is gonna happen soon !
Laptop : ASUS G750JW : i7 4700HQ - 16Gb - 2Tb HDD - GTX 765M OC (+135/500) - Full HD Matte - Win 8.1
Retiered : Toshiba L670 i5 560M/8Gb Corsair/1TB/HD5650 1Gb @ 625/800 /WD 1Tb USB3/Win7

sasuke256 wrote:
Clicking mean faliure is gonna happen soon !

sasuke256, you know better than that 🙂

It is the noise of the head parking, it is a power saving setting on the disk. APM can be turned off via quiethdd:

Here is the config file that has all the settings, just edit the quiethdd.ini file, put these values in, and start up quiethdd

FirstRun = 0
AC_APM_Value = 255
DC_APM_Value = 255
AC_AAM_Value = 254
DC_AAM_Value = 254
AAMEnabled = 1
APMEnabled = 1

All the G750 1TB disks make the same noise, and can benefit from quiethdd - it also stops in game load lag, so it has multiple benefits 🙂

Level 7
my bad, was expecting that other cliking noise, just lost a 1 Tb HDD !
Laptop : ASUS G750JW : i7 4700HQ - 16Gb - 2Tb HDD - GTX 765M OC (+135/500) - Full HD Matte - Win 8.1
Retiered : Toshiba L670 i5 560M/8Gb Corsair/1TB/HD5650 1Gb @ 625/800 /WD 1Tb USB3/Win7