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G750JM or G751JM is more stable with "Driver Power State Failure "

Level 7
Hi, today I planned to go and buy Asus G750JM with GTX 860m GPU but suddenly at the last moment I find a lot of threads about BSOD with power state failure message. I have a few questions, please note that any information about your experience with ASUS G750 or G751 will be very helpful so go ahead and comment.

Question 1. Asus and NVidia still have no fix for this BSOD error?

Question 2. Are there users who have ASUS G750jm with GTX860m and have not faced with this error when playing heavy games?

Question 3. This BSOD error occurs only for GTX860m GPU or for other(GTX870m, GTX 970m) GPUs too?

Question 4. This BSOD error occurs only during/after playing the games or I can be faced with this error during working?(I will use about 12-16GB of RAM and 100% CPU but no GPU)

Question 5. Are there any differences between G750JM and G751JM(both with GTX860m) regarding this issue?

Please answer to this questions, it is very important for me.

Final question:
There are 2 variants that are now available here with some differences in configs:
ASUS G750JM - with i7-4700HQ and 256Gb SSD(+1TB HDD) - ASUS G750JM sellers page
ASUS G751JM - Core i7-4710HQ and 2TB HDD - ASUS G751JM sellers page

both with 16GB of Ram and GTX 860m GPU. I would prefer first one but after knowing about this issue I am not sure. Should I avoid from Asus ROG with GTX860m GPU?

P.S. Sorry for any mistakes in the text above.

Level 7
One more question, does nvidia 332.60 drivers fix BSOD error at all? So if I am not planning to play a games a lot I can install old driver and will be able to use notebook without "Driver Power State Failure" error?

Level 7
332.60 is the most stable driver right now, at least I think it is. Still no definite fix for the issue. I have had the BSOD while not even gaming on other drivers. BSODs can also occur if the laptop is left idle for too long, at least on mine anyway.

Level 7
Thanks, today I bought Asus G751JM.

Level 7
Has there been any solution to this? Also has ASUS been helpful to those who have contacted them directly?

Level 7
Azrael_Manatheren, I have used my G751JM 2 months already and there aren't any BSOD for this time(I do not use notebook for games heavily, usually I use it only for work(programming, many VMs and heavy RAM usage) and watching films(HD Quality), however I have tested it by 3DMark and PCMark also run some games(CS: Global Offensive and Battlefield 4) on it and everything works perfectly).

P.S. As I know there aren't any official fix for that BSOD error.

There is also now another low priced option in the G751 line, the G751JL - with a GTX 965m:

ASUS ROG G751JL-DS71 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop, GeForce GTX965M Graphics

965m vs 860m

GTX 965m VS GTX 860m - Comparison of FPS in PC games 2015 - ULTRA SETTINGS

GTX 860m VS GTX 970m - Official Benchmark comparison in PC games - ULTRA settings

GPU Library - look up lots of GPU/Game results

The other big difference between the G750/G751JM and the G751JL, the 860m's are both Optimus based laptops, and the G751JL is discrete only Nvidia GPU 🙂

Level 7
I was having the same problems and looking for a solution since months. Few days ago I've experimented again with drivers and did that:

1. got rid of Intel and Nvidia graphics drivers width Display Driver Uninstaler (in safe mode)

2. downloaded latest Intel GPU drivers for HD 4600 and installed it

3. rebooted
4. downloaded latest Nvidia drivers for GTX 860M and installed it

4. rebooted and have stable software/hardware with newest NVIDIA and INTEL GPU drivers witch gave me maximum possible performance.

Trust me guys and girls. If anything before didn't work try this. I've joined this forum only for sharing with You my simple solution.