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G750JM not working

Level 7
Hello all,
I just purchased a G750JM off eBay for a good price and I'm having some issues with it. I got this just as my backup while my G713QM is being repaired by ASUS.

First the G750JM does fire up and runs, I have Windows 10PRO installed and that works fine.
The Problems are that the GTX860M card is not detected at all. It only shows the Intel HD4600
I have a intel(r) xeon(r) e3 - 1200 v3/4th gen intel(r) core(tm) pcie controller (x16) fault.
I have looked over and over for any fixes and nothing.

Second I put a new battery in the laptop and it is charging and shows charged.
I needed to get a new battery to flash the BIOS to 207. Thats the last BIOS on ASUS's support page.
When I unplug the power cord the laptop just dies.
The Battery light is not blinking the famous green/orange death march lol.

Any help would be greatly helpful, Im just hoping I didnt get a new brick.

Hello btcoman,

Try doing a factory reset, this will put all drivers and software back to when it was new.

I'm not sure if it will help with the battery issue, just use the power cord for now. The steps should be the same as in the video below.

Thanks for your response, but It does not have the original HDD in it. I recieved it with no HDD. I put in to Samsung 840 EVO 512gb Sata 3 SSD's.