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G750jm, Lots of Lag Spikes in Battlefield 4

Level 7
For some odd reason, my g750jm notebook has been having a hard time using my GPU fully, in MSI afterburner, I can clearly see that my GPU usage goes down to 11% during game and thus creating lots of spikes making my game play unplayable, I have updated everything by far including my drivers for everything, I did upgrade to windows 10 but that is not the problem because battlefield 4 was running perfectly in the beginning.
My internet is fine, i get around 50-100 ping. If anyone could give me some advice that would be greatly appreciated. BTW, my normal fps before the spikes was 60 fps with v-sync on all high.

Level 7
My best bet is that windows 10 is the problem, because it does updates without you approving. So, most likely it did one that screwed things up.

Advice for best gaming experience: revert to windows 8.1 because windows 10 for laptops is more like a beta edition than a finished edition.

Level 9
The latest nVidia drivers (350 series) are having issues with BF4. Check their forums if you're interested on updates.
These issues occur on all windows machines.

Level 7
Thx guys for your posts, its nice to know your ideas, but at the end all i did was clean my fans from the inside of the pc, there was a ton of dust build up which is my fault because i did not tend to it for at least a year, what happened was my cpu was hyper-threading because my cpu temps reached 90-95 C, wich caused those obnoxious fps spikes, i have cleaned my pc and am now running at a nice 60.