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g750jm Laptop charger light blinking when plugged in

Level 7
Alright, this is my first post on here. I signed up because I had a few questions about issues I have had with my laptop. I will make a separate post for a 2nd issue I am having as well. Thank you all in advance for your advice.

I currently own an ASUS ROG G750JM Laptop. It was handed over to me by my brother a year or two ago.

During the last three months, I have had major issues retarding my AC adapter and battery. However, I am not fully convinced this is a hardware issue. It may be.. maybe not. Now I am going to try to be as clear as possible with my issues. Hopefully everyone will understand what's happening.

After buying a new AC adapter (With the same voltages needed to charge, just a bit smaller than the huge AC adapter this laptop uses), I have had issues when I plug my laptop in. If my laptop batter is under 95 or 90 percent, my indicator light in the front of my laptop blinks. It's an orange light that is suppose to stay on when it's charging. Instead the orange light blinks repeatedly. Also, my icon shows that its charging, then not charging. I realized that it was going into battery saver mode, then off battery saver mode, on and off. However, when I shut my laptop off, or go into sleep mode, the orange blinking stops, and it charges as it should. The issue only occurs when the laptop is under 95 or 90 percent and its on. Sometimes i've had it at 60 or 70 percent and after a while of blinking its okay. I thought when I bought the new AC adapter: The issue has to be the charger. Exchanged it for a different one.. and still. Issues charging it. It keeps blinking. So I keep the charger, and bought a new battery. Maybe the issue is the battery. Got a new battery.. still doing the same thing. However.. when I take the battery out, and run my laptop only on the charger, there is no issue. It runs fine.. unless I run a game. Then the laptop crashes (without the battery). So what if we put the battery in and I ran a game? When I run a game, after 20 minutes or so, I see that the laptop plugged in icon removes. Then the green light thats in the front of my laptop shuts off, and then begins blinking till its fully off. Then the blinking begins again, and the battery gets drained quickly.

Could this be the charger causing the issue? I have the same amount of voltage as my old charger. However, the old charger was extremely huge. This one is smaller.

AC ADAPTER I HAVE:100-240V-2.5A. 50-60HZ / 90W I got from radio shack.

What is my issue? Why is this light blinking on and off? Its really annoying.

UPDATE: So I just realized that the output for my old charger that came with my laptop is 19v 9.23A, and my new one had 19v .. 4.7a. is this an issue? Since its just the ouput, but input is good?