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G750JM BSOD (Driver power state faliure)

Level 7
I've seen quite a few threads about this already. But haven't really seen any fixed for it, So I'll add mine to the list in hopes a fix can be found.

I've been having this issue for a few weeks. I have contacted asus and they told me to download and repair the ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology driver. That didn't work.

Here are my last few minidumps,

and an image from BlueScreenView,

I contacted windows support because after a google search I saw a thread on there about the issue. They told me to completely remove the Kasperky Internet Security I have. They also told me to remove and do a clean install of the 337.88 driver. Here is the link to that thread in case you wanted to read it.

I made a post on r/techsupport as well. A person there also told me to remove and re-install that driver. He recommended DDU to completely remove it. So I did that and re-installed 337.88. and for two days it was fine....and then it wasn't.

I've seen people say on this thread, that going back to 332.60 works, and also that updating to 334.43 also works.

So idk what I should do. lol Has Nvidia or asus even acknowledged this issue?

EDIT: Just talked to NVIDIA support and they told me to remove 337.88 with DDU and do a clean install of 340.43.

Level 7
Well I did a clean install of the beta 340.43 drivers and I got the BSOD randomly when watching a video on youtube.

On another note, I was told to update my bios, so I am now doing that.

Was also told by windows support to disable nvstreamsvc.exe from this thread here ( I did that, but it didnt prevent the issue.

So I am going to update my bios and see if that prevents it. If not I am going to roll back to the 332.60 drivers.

Any other help on this is greatly appreciated guys.

Edit: Here is all my dump files including the one from just now.

and the latest bluescreenview image.

Level 9
Definitely downgrade to 335 or 327 drivers. So far, these are the most stable nVidia drivers and they work great on all games (at least the most important ones: Leagues and Titanfall :cool: )

Finally someone responds haha I'm not a lol or titanfall fan. haha But if I get the error again I am definitely downgrading to them.

Side note. Is there a place to get them other than from here: The one I see there is the 332.60. Which I'm pretty sure are the ones that were originally on this laptop when I got it.

Level 9
you can google "nvidia older drivers". You'll see nvidia website links where you can download all older and beta drivers that are not in the GeForce site anymore.

Maxter wrote:
you can google "nvidia older drivers". You'll see nvidia website links where you can download all older and beta drivers that are not in the GeForce site anymore.

I think the oldest one you can get for the 860M is 332.60. I could very well be wrong. But those are the ones listed on the asus support site. And I'm pretty sure I wasnt getting the BSOD when I had those.

For now, stick to ASUS' 332.60 driver available on the support download page. It doesn't BSOD, but I advise you to enable the tray GPU indicator (NVidia Control Panel -> Desktop -> Display GPU Activity Icon In Notification Area) and keep an eye on it every now and then. If it's stuck "on" and hovering over it shows "NVidia GPU Activity: None" for a long time, or it's stuck off even when you're playing games, then you might have low performance until you reboot.

It's a pain, for the time being, but at least it's better than random BSODs causing you to lose everything you're doing. For now, the latest Nvidia driver (340.43) still has the BSOD issue, even though it happens much less often (it took an entire week for me to get a BSOD on it).

I've been trying to get in touch with ASUS and Nvidia on the issue and have gotten a bit stonewalled by representatives that either ignore me or insist that I just need an RMA (I don't - I already had the whole notebook replaced, the replacement does the same thing) but I at least got an ASUS rep to tell me that they would "forward the information to the relevant departments", though after they copy-pasted the same reply twice I get the impression that's code for "yeah, whatever, buddy."

For now, make some noise. Report it to ASUS and Nvidia, keep forum threads bumped; potential buyers and ASUS/Nvidia need to know that this is an issue. If enough owners report the same problem, maybe they'll realize it's an issue.

Level 9
When the 765m came out, it took months until a stable driver for it (even a real support driver) came out. You guys are on the same boat I guess... hold tight! soon! How about the ASUS website? They come out with driver updates every so often... they are REALLY slow though.

Level 7
Just rolled back to 332.60. Hopefully no more BSOD and hopefully NVIDIA get on this issue ASAP. 🙂 Thanks for all the help so far guys and/or gals.

Level 7
Hello guys, it seems Asus have provided a new stable driver for the 860M... Its a modified version of 337.88. All you need to do is visit the 750JM drivers support page and download it, OR
Here's the direct link