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G750JM and nvidia drivers issues

Level 7
So hello, I've been away for some time but I come back with another problem. And questions. Does this series of laptops have Optimus for nvidia? directx diag doesn't show the nvidia card, it just shows the intel HD graphics. Device manager detects the card fine. Stuff like HW monitor only shows the video card as active if I'm playing a game, so I'm thinking yes. Anyway.

So the latest nvidia driver is 388 something, in geforce experience. 2 weeks ago I tried to install through that the latest driver as I have one from may or something this year, version 376 or so. When installing I got an error then saying that the device (gfx card) cannot be ejected or removed. After install completed, Experience saw no more card, tho it did see the driver. Installed it clean manually after that, to the same thing. What I also notice is that the control panel for nvidia shows no preview for the 3D settings. Games straight up crash on launch or error out. I reverted back to the older driver, everything works normally. Today I tried to install the latest driver straight up clean and uninstall everything else before that for nvidia. Same thing. Experience will not see it, panel shows nothing in the preview. Games error.

Uninstalled, windows auto installed a driver from last year, installed manually after v376 again and still works fine.

I am about to pull my hair out. Is there something wrong with the nvidia drivers for versions 380 and up? Also small thing, Skyrim, doesn't see the nvidia card either. That has been going down for some time.