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G750jh Please HELP!!!

Level 7
Hi all

I have only just bought a new G750jh ROG edition laptop. Tried Windows 8 and thought I may like it more with Windows 8.1 so I updated through the app store.
After installation I tried to restore my laptop to original factory state but had loads of problems as the OS could not find the backup/reset partition.
I tried many different options to fix this problem and gave up in the end.
I tried to install Windows 7 and deleted all the partitions of the 2 x 128Gb mSata hard drives installed in this laptop. I managed to start the installation after changing some settings in the Bios but after the first restart when installing the software the laptop go to a blue screen with one long line of white writing and just stay there.

Please advise how to sort this out. I have now got one 256Gb msata ssd drive set in Raid 0 and a Hdd 1Tb.

I am gutted and any help will be massively appreciated!!!

Thank you

Level 9
To install 7, you need to do a few things (some of which you may have already, based off what I read in your post):

• In BIOS setup, disable UEFI (or enable CSM/Legacy boot).
• After disabling UEFI, disable Secure Boot
• If your disk(s) are setup as GPT disks, you will need to boot to the command line using the Windows 7 disc/disk and convert the drive(s) from GPT to MBR.

Here's a quick guide on converting the drive:

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Level 7
Thank you for the post. I am not possible to get into any OS on the laptop at all. So far I have managed to install Windows 7 up to where it has to go onto the desktop for the first time. As soon as it go to display or liad the desktop screen for the very first time it go to a blue screen with white writing on it. I have taken several pictures. I will post them here in a link.

Please help. I have a £1700 laptop with no OS 😞