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G750JH-DB71 reformat/clean install?

Level 7
I picked up my G750 the beginning of this year. Have had no problems with it till now. Kinda confused about all the partitions of my drives. Are they really necessary? I have 1TB 2.5 5400SATA + 128G*2 SSD. Went to install a program on my f: grive and it says it can't cause theres not enough space on c: . Was thinking of reformating and doing a clean install to eliminate all the confusion of all the partitioned drives. Any suggestions?

Level 7
I would suggest using the Disk Management found in "Manage my computer" and see if you have placed anything else in the 2nd half of your SSD.
If you haven't you could delete the 2nd partition (will delete ALL data on that drive letter) and expand/extend your C Drive to take up the newly freed space.

If you are not sure of what you are doing please consult a computer knowledgeable friend.