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G750JH BIOS 209 post update issues - NVIDIA driver can't find compatible hardware

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Hi all,

I'm not sure if this forum is still relevant, but I have an issue and would like to get someone's expert opinion on the matter.

I've been using my ROG G750JH laptop since 2014 without any major issue. In 2020, I had an issue where my screen would not turn on and after trying several minor fixes I gave it for repair. They diagnosed the problem to be in the BIOS and updated the BIOS version which was not from the official ASUS website. I don't remember the version to be exact but I believe it to be 207 or 208. Everything worked fine after that all until last week (except the keyboard lights, they were completely gone).

A few months back, I started facing the same issue where my laptop would start without display and after several attempts of turning on and off, discharging the battery, etc. it would eventually start with the screen on. Like it had a mind of it's own. Then last week, one day all of a sudden no matter what I did, the display wouldn't turn on. I finally gave in and took it to a repair shop. After diagnosing they said the same thing, that it's a BIOS issue and updated it to 209 version which I'm not sure if officially available for G750JH.

Everything works fine now (including the keyboard lights). However, upon trying to run my 3D program (SketchUp), I'm getting a an error saying that I should use a Hardware accelerated graphics card.

I tried installing the Nvidia drivers for my graphics card (GTX 780M) and I'm getting the error NVIDIA couldn't find compatible graphics hardware. I tried the latest version (425) and an old version that I was using few years back (337).  They're showing up installed inside the control panel from before. After reading a few forums, I went into Device Manager and sure enough after turning on 'View hidden devices' I could see my graphics card. However, I uninstalled it and checked the box to delete it. Upon restarting my PC, the driver doesn't show up anymore under hidden devices. GeForce experience is already installed from before and upon opening it, it just says can't download recommended driver.

I took it back to the repair shop and they had a look at the GPU and are saying that they don't know as they've been given the laptop in the condition when screen wasn't working. But I do know because prior to giving it to them, the day before I was working on Sketchup. Anyways, they said that probably some part of it is shorted and they can try reballing the chip but it's a  50% risk of either working or the whole PC never working again.

Also, when I tried installing Intel XTU, I'm getting the error that attempted to install on unsupported platform (which was never the case before as I used it several times) along with the error code 0x80070643 - fatal error during installation.

After reading several forums on similar topics, I feel the issue lies somewhere in BIOS update. Either the version is not the right one and it's causing compatibility issues or they somehow bricked the graphics card while doing the update. However, I'm not an expert and I would like to know if someone can figure out a solution to this problem. That's why I've been as detailed as I could be.


TLDR: Display wasn't working, got it repaired, updated BIOS to 209, everything works fine, graphics driver not detected/compatibility issues, intel XTU not installing/ need advice

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unigine heaven benchmark errorunigine heaven benchmark error


Level 11

I have an old G750JMA with a GTX 860 M form the year 2014. These laptops were indestructible! Your problem appears to be that you don't have an Nvidia driver installed thus your gpu is not workign and your intel cpu with accelerated graphics is int eh same situation. I searched Nvidia's webpage for the last driver made by Nvidia for your GPU .It 's the 425.31 from April 2019. Here's the download link: link:

Download and install your f driver so you can enable your gpu again. For intel I suggest you go to intel webpage with drivers download sand use their utility which detects automatically what intel product you have in your laptop and indicates which driver version you should download and install. Once borht are ionstaleld your laptop might be able to work normally.

Level 8

Just follow the link to support your product and download the latest version of BIOS 206 (G750JH), flash it via a USB flash drive