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G750 Waves MaxxAudio gone??? [solved ?]

Level 8
EDIT: SOLVED: (cred adamsyes)

Updated Thread: I found out that by downloading the lastest driver of our realtek sound card go here


the lastest starting from .9540 version and up has ROG skin Waves Maxxaudio.

Don't bother with Version V6.0.1.7016 yet however, because it increases cpu usage and is buggy.

including many fixes and sound improvement !

Cheers 🙂 they do not require to delete the config file. lastests will come already fixed.

(I don't know how to change thread title, or if i can, mod please change to "Waves MaxxAudio problems solved")
-- original issue below --

So the "Waves MaxxAudio" EQ/Software for audio that came with the computer, is a great program... but I noticed the "advanced" tab was missing as compared to the image displayed on the G750 promo page (take a look for urself) so I went and downloaded the newer version from the G750 drivers page (from V6.0.1.6870 TO V6.0.1.6909) and installed it....

Well after installing and restarting my PC, the waves MaxxAudio control panel is completely gone. sound is flat, tinny with boomy mids/lows (as if clicking flat preset in maxxaudio) The MaxxAudio window can be opened but it says something about missing hardware (i can't remember), so I decided to go ahead and install the old one back, and now the control panel won't open at all, maxxaudio doesn't exist 😕

Idk what to do, the speakers sound like crap without one of the presets on, to be honest... can anyone offer any help??

or if someone has been lucky enough to discover anything, any chances of another waves EQ with more custom settings??
Asus G750JW-DB71
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Level 9
please update for Version try again from asus support site.

Unfortunately it's still not there after updating again 😞

I found the panel EXE in Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA but it still shows "MaxxAudio processes internal speakers output only"...

Pitcher@asus wrote:
please update for Version try again from asus support site.
Asus G750JW-DB71

I did not know that MaxxAudio was installed until I saw this thread. Unfortunately, I updated the driver to 6909 before I read this tread so I can't verify if my G750 had a working MaxxAudio. I just checked and mine is disabled too! I hope Asus fixes this. Why would they include it if it doesn't work? Is the problem I was having the reason they made it non-functional: when I would install a program and a pop up window appears, the sound associated with the window was cut short and had sound like static. With the update, I can now hear the full, clear "ding".

The maxx audio plugin really made the speakers sound good... like right now they sound tinny/boomy but with maxx audio they sounded fuller with a good dynamic range and not so boomy and echo-y... I hope they get it sorted out soon, I see all the waves .DLL's in System32 but there's something conflicting in here causing it not to work...
Asus G750JW-DB71

Has anyone looked further into this issue??

Pitcher@asus wrote:
please update for Version try again from asus support site.
Asus G750JW-DB71

Level 10
someone can explain me why my skin of audio panel isn't "ROG" ? i really like the one with ROG logo..


There is a link that you know to download this app? When uograde to windows 10 i los the maxx audio, and now mi g751 audio sucks.. thank you!

Level 7
Im having the same issue..

Level 9
For those that are having the issue, please refer to this thread to get your MaxxAudio to work again.