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g750 Trackpad problems

Level 7
I bought an Asus g750, the one with the ssd and 870m, back in July 2014 and while it's a decent machine, I have been disappointed
with the trackpad and its features. I bought the machine because I like physical buttons, not unipads. However, the trackpad will
jump about 5-10 millimetres causing me to mis-select things about 8 times every day. Also, when I play a first-person-shooter
if I press right-click to aim and then left-click to fire, it won't shoot. I have been disappointed with the skittish trackpad, it causes me
to make mistakes and while I was intending to keep buying these laptops I am now having serious reservations. I think Asus need
to do some work on ensuring a more accurate trackpad and better trackpad options, more like the options in the older versions of