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G750 Thunderbolt to Dell u2713H Displayport does it work?

Level 7
I am about to purchase a G750JW which comes with Thunderbolt rather that mini Displayport. My interest in these ports is that I intend to use a Displayport Monitor, my daughter is studying art/animation and needs high resolution and true colours. Currently I am looking at the 27” Dell U2713 IPS 2560x1440, this model is about the only one available in Philippines. Does anyone have experience of ASUS Thunderbolt to Displayport on Dell or similar?

Level 7
Although I am not quite sure about the thunderbolt port, I do not see why you couldn't use the screen with the laptop. The screen and the laptop also features the HDMI ports so they should connect up just fine.

I was also in the Arts major, Visual Communication Arts to be specific. I Personally would NOT recommend this laptop for her major. While initially it may be a good idea for her study and would actually be up until she is presented with 3D rendering in her curriculum. While this laptop is proficient with games, it will not fare well in the rendering application, atleast not by my standards. With programs such as Rhino, often used for rendering environments, especially if her university shares parts of her curriculum with the Architect side, you will be forced to leave the laptop on, rendering for an extended period of time, in which it may heat up, costing her time. With the price point of these laptops, you will do her more justice if you purchase her a desktop to go along with the screen instead. Afterall, you WILL get MORE for what you pay for. You may want to do a short read on Laptop Vs Desktop GPU difference, which will provide you with an idea of the difference in performance despite the deceivingly similar parts label. If portability is an issue, I would recommend buying her a laptop, whichever she likes, then provide her with a proper desktop to accompany her curriculum.

Short and simple answer to your question is as follows:


Longer version:

The G750 Thunderbolt port is ALSO a mini Displayport umm port.

Even longer version:

For art and animation, the G750 should be sufficient if one requires portability. Nothing beats a desktop set up of course in terms of raw power but if you're looking for portability and power, the G750 does deliver a fair bit enough to manage.

I have a monolith of a beast as a desktop for most graphics work I do, however, when I am on the road, the G750 works just great. I primarily use CorelDRAW X6 and Adobe Master Collection CS6 and I run my own creative studio / brand consultancy.

No harm in having both if you can afford it.

As for the screen, the U2713 IPS is great in terms of colour accuracy and quality. Ensure Dell after sales in the Philippines is up to snuff though.

There are better screens sure, but for your daughter and her purposes, this is, trust me when I say this, MORE than enough.

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I just recently got the asus g750jx laptop, I bought a mini display port to display port cable to connect to my LG 29" monitor 29EB93-P. My laptop screen would keep flickering and trying to detect the monitor but then ends up black screen. Any ideas what the problem is? Could it be the cable?

I'm looking to do the same thing. Just ordered a G750JH and have a 30" Dell model # 3007WFPt. The monitor has a DVI-D input. I needed a DVI-D Dual link cable on my old system to run this monitor at full res. Can I just buy the item below, plug it into the thunderbolt port and it will work?