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G750 Screen won't turn on again

Level 7
I've just cleaned the dust in the fans of my G750, mounted everything back, booted the pc and came to the home screen of windows.
I could play Rocket League, work on OneNote etc, then I noticed the fans were still a bit noisy. I decided then to uninstall EVGA Precision X, but it was not uninstallable.
Thus I removed manually the installation folder, did a CCleaner of the disks and the register, then worked a bit more and finally shut down the computer.

Now I wanted to reboot it, but the screen is black. It does not turn on anymore.
I unplugged power supply and battery and maintained the power button but nothing.
The computer is reacting, it plays the windows welcome sound, and I was able to turn it off blindly with the win+r, cmd, shutdown -s -t.

I can't access the BIOS neither...
I noticed when I start the PC that the screen goes from off to black, that is a slightly different color but still noticeable if you pay particular attention.

If you can help me, I would really appreciate
Thanks in advance and good evening 🙂

Level 7
For a temp. solution, can you plug it into an external monitor for usage?

Could be a problem with your screen, which most computer repair stores will replace for you.

Indeed an external monitor is working with the HDMI plug.
But it is a painstaking solution.

I suppose a LED defectuosity on the panel screen. I guess I will have to bring it back to the customer service 😕 but my warranty is over since december 2015...
And I am not confident in buying a replacement panel screen on the internet.

Crap, I'm not lucky

Thanks for your informations