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G750 Microphone - Is it good or not?

Level 7
Hey guys,

I have got another question for you because im so impatient to wait for my G750JZ and test it on my own...
What do you think about the microphone inside the laptop? If you use TeamSpeak or something like that does people hear you well or not? Do you prefer your custom microphone or do you use the default microphone inside the laptop?

I would like to know your reviews so please give me a few minutes and write some review for me and maybe for some other people who are waiting for their new laptop. We would be glad for that!

Level 9
I consistently use Skype for my gaming sessions and people report the sound quality as excellent. As it should be, considering it actually has 2 microphones for noise cancelling and stuff like that. I have a friend with a G55 and the microphone was terrible, so he had to buy a separate one, but the G750 has a top notch one.

It works excellent.

Level 7
It's actually one of the most feature rich microphones I've seen on a laptop considering its a dual mic array. You are able to enable Noise Supression, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, and Beam Forming.

Level 7
I have never seen a laptop with such a powerful microphone like the JZ. I couldn't believe when my friends heard me whispering from the other room. The down side of using it is the fact that they will hear all your buttons and mouse clicks, which is probably annoying.

EDIT : One thing you should know: I own the razer kraken pro headset and when I installed the latest ( and older for testing ) drivers, the microphone stops working, but my older headset works fine. Without the drivers both work. The only logical explanation is that while both microphone jacks are the standard 3.5mm, the old ones have 1 ring or whatever you call the thing on the jack, while the kraken mic has 2 rings.
Just keep that in mind if you own some sort of expensive headset and want to use it.