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G750 Maxwell 860 Determination pre-purchase

Level 7
I am looking at purchasing a G750 and have read that some use the newer maxwell architecture from nvidia and others use the older architecture whilst having the same badge. I can only afford the lowest spec g750 with the 860m card, is there any way to determine in advance which architecture my g750 will have in it? Serial numbers or anything like that? I want a machine that has a good trackpad for work. I do a lot of right-clicking for editing and I am looking at the g750 because it has an old fashioned trackpad with buttons. I don't want gestures and touch-click, can I disable all such functions (this is usually what I do with all my laptops because I cannot afford confusion while working and I prefer highly differentiated operations like pointing and clicking). Is the G750 cool enough to use on my knee?

Level 9
So far, only the 830M - 860M are Maxwell chips. There is a Kepler 860M as well, though I believe Asus is only producing the 860M in one or the other architecture. You may need to get with an Asus sales rep to confirm which architecture their 860M is.

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