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G750 JX upgrade to Windows 10

Level 7
I went head and upgraded to Windows 10. I'll outline how it went briefly below,

1. The original factory install of 8 had been upgraded to 8.1

2. I upgraded to 10 Pro using the desktop upgrade app and once updated Windows 10 activated.

3. As the upgrade to 10 was activated I proceeded to do a clean install as I have Windows installed on a 120 GB SSD with recovery partitions (that I'd never used) so I removed all the hidden partitions and let WIndows do the update using a WIn10 Pro x64 version on a DVD.
Note that I ignored enter the software key prompt since I assumed windows would activate automatically.

4. The clean install version of Windows 10 Pro did not activate. MS Support told me to wait a few days. I waited over a week and wondered if and when it would be activated.

5. I tried the various Microsoft Support methods. The local support guys told me they could not help and that to properly activate Windows 10 I would need to reinstall Windows 8 again and then upgrade. I didn't have a copy of the original installation files used by ASUS (I know, I should have made a copy). MS Support told me I would need to source them and that was my only option.

6. I figured there had to be another way. ASUS support had earlier told me that the activation error I was having could not be fixed by them and that I should contact MS. They in turn were now telling me to contact ASUS

7. I redownloaded a single language ISO of 8.1 using one of the tools from MS which created a UEFI DVD.
I've used that to reinstall WIndows 8.1 using a generic Windows 8.1 Pro SW key I found.
Windows 8.1 now has not activated and the Windows 8 SW key stored in the motherboard (MSDM_ASUS) is not accepted.

8. As far as I am aware (and other than any BIOS settings changes of which I know nothing about) I have a UEFI enabled motherboard inside the G750 and using a tool am able to view the ASUS OEM specific Windows 8 SW key stored there. That key it appears is not accepted when trying to reinstall using an OEM type single language version of Windows 8.1 Pro.

9. As far as I know, since I'd checked it before proceeding, upgrading to 10 and then clean installing is permitted for OEM PCs. I was able to accomplish it but activation wasn't happening.

It would appear that the generic Windows 10 SW key I was able to view following the desktop upgrade (from 8.1 to 10), the first upgrade to 10 that had fully activated, was placed online and so has been blocked. At least that's verified by some of the error messages I've recieved.
There may also be a bug in Windows 10 preventing activations following clean installs. I found a reference to it on Reddit.

So as of writing this I have Windows 8.1 reinstalled from a single language ISO using a generic SW key. That install is not yet activated (or will never) and the Windows 10 upgrade I was already offered upon completing the installation will not proceed unless the PC has been activated.

The PC is eligible for an upgrade but it beats me a to how I'm going to accomplish it right now. Two major mistakes I guess were deleting the recovery partitions and proceeding with the clean install. Had assumed all would work.

Can anyone offer any advice on this or share any experiences?

Level 7
Wish I could help, will be following the thread.

Just an observation and thought: it sounds like the Win 8 key that comes with a JX is strictly for Windows 8, not 8.1. Have you considered installing Windows 8 directly and seeing if the key is accepted [and only then updating to 8.1]?

  • CPU: i7-4700HQ @ 2.40 GHz.
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 770M 3 GB GDDR5 RAM
  • Screen: 17.3' Full HD Matte Screen @ 100Hz
  • Memory: 16GB DDR3 1600 MHz. RAM 2x8
  • Storage: 500GB SSD 850 EVO + 750GB HDD @ 7200rpm
  • OS: Windows 7 HP (x64)
  • TC: IC Diamond Thermal Compound - CPU + GPU

Level 7