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G750 jw new owner and question about SSD upgrade

Level 7
Hi rog members, I am new to this forum and this is my first post ever.
I just ordered a Asus g750jw and sadly it comes with 5400rpm hdd. So i read a lot of thread and reviews about getting the SSD as second storage. So i have few questions:
I read so many threads but non of them explain te specific step to install the new SSD ( I have been doing anything like that ). Do i have to install any apps, do i have to do anything after plug that new SSD in or just plug it in and turn computer on as usual ? do i have to run any program after plug the SSD in (BIOS, BOOTING??) ? do i have to do when i turn the laptop on ( F2,F8 or whatever ) . Can someone please tell me specific step by step?

Secondly, i heard that people tend to install all of their app and window 8 in ssd and hdd will be used for keeping image, movie, and games? Is that true ?. If that is true, then how do re set up Window in SSD since i set it up in Hdd ALREADY ? specific steps please (:p:p:p:p i am dumb)
thirdly, will install that SSD make huge different ? should i go with 128gb ssd or 256 gb ? will that make any different in term of speed?
Please show me specific steps like teaching a child t walk, i know nothing about computer
Thank you guys so so much